• RTPOS Systems
    Cloud Based CRM
    Multi-Store Management
    Multi-Carrier Ready
    Integrated Repair Module
    RealTime SMS Notification
    RealTime Reporting
    BDI - Secure RealTime Mobile & Web Reporting
    Multi-Store Discount Available
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  • Alphacomm API Integration
    Automatic Alphacomm Order to PO Creation
    Automatic New SKU Recognition from Order
    Seamless Download of Alphacomm Receipt
    Ability to Physically Scan vs PO
    Save Money and Hours With Dropship Integration
    Capabilities Exclusive to RTPOS
    ERP Alphacomm API for Warehouse and Portal
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  • Qpay / incomm
    Qpay 5.0 Inventory Management
    Uploads MPCS Handsets ONLY!
    NO Need to Export/Import CSV
    On Auto Download from Portal
    With Dropship File Integration
    Integrated on Inner-Store Transfer
    Qpay 5.0 Inventory Management Fully Integrated
    Dedicated Qpay Inventory Management Screen
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  • Calidus Reconciliation
    Consolidate Report
    Qualified & Disqualified
    Rebates & Price Protection
    Spiffs & Commissions
    Audits, Unpaid & Variance Reports
    Expected Commissions / Price Schedule
    Excel Import or Auto Download from Master Dealer Portal
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  • An All-In-One Solution
    Modern, Clean, Responsive & Multipurpose
    Multi store discount available
  • Easy to Use
    MetroPCS, T-Mobile, GoSmart
    Epay, Qpay, ASAP
    Integrated Activation Wizards
    Alphacomm API Integration
    Integrated Price Schedule
    Item Bundling & Coupons
    Easily Track Port-In & Add-A-Line
    Streamline Your Business...
    With RealTime Data & Reportings!
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RTPOS System , the industry leading RealTime POS - ERP - BDI Platform.

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Welcome to RealTime POS the nation's most trusted All-In-One Solution!

We do all the heavy lifting, keeping your business up to date with the latest products, services & trend. Our hassle free All-In-One Solutions makes it easy to own a RealTime POS System. Bring your business to life online, increase your online & instore visibilty with the local phone store.



Researching POS systems can be overwhelming, but making the right choice now can save you a ton of time and money later down the road. RTPOS System is the industry leading Retail ERP platform in North America for wireless stores, customizable Point of Sale Systems, Warehouse Management, Track all your Activation,Topup, Refills and Cell Phone Repair Tracking. RTPOS supports single corporate entities with single or multiple retail locations, or multiple distributed corporate entities with multiple retail locations. Fully implemented, RTPOS integrates, consolidates and coordinates all the resources, information and activities needed to perform, storefront-to-back-office wireless retailer specific daily business processes.

Reduce errors and avoid profit losses with automated management of cellular activation tracking. Trace phone activations using electronic serial numbers to properly record commissions, price protection, returns and RMAs. Minimize keystrokes and ease overhead costs with a solution that incorporates all business aspects of your cellular operation including, retail financial accounting, inventory management, inventory optimization, supply chain management, realtime point-of-sale (POS), activation management, channel management, customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), e-mail and sms campaign marketing, commission management, business dashboard intelligence (BDI) reporting and real-time remote Android®, iOS® and Windows® tablet based mobile computing, without the need for separate or standalone systems. Allow us to develop your application for you, to help you manage your business better.

RTPOS System (RealTime POS) is customizable, robust, scalable, cloud based wireless management system. RTPOS System is supplied under license in the United States to Wireless Retailers, Master Dealers, Agents and Carriers.


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It is our goal to provide the highest quality services to help your business grow. Your success is our success! Thank you for your trust and partnership. It is truly appreciated and we will continue to do our best, to provide exclusive updates that can hopefully add value to the services and products you provide.

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Wow, Incredible POS system I've seen by far

This is the Best POS I have tested that really works. After a vast search for a point of sale system that will not only work out for single user businesses, but one with a platform to have different businesses rolled into one master data management platform. I decided RTPOS System was not only the best POS system for our Franchised and corporate owned in store solution, but the solution that will help me manage a long-term business well into the future. The BDI feature is outstanding! Thank you guys, keep up the Great Work. Tim Lee

Does our RTPOS System (RealTime POS) Convince you?

If so, click to register now for your FREE 30 Day Trial, including lifetime upgrade for free!