Dear Customers,

Some important updates today… 
As you know, we like to take your feed back and try to incorporate it into making enhancements to our system.
Over the last few days, we have released a couple important updates that you may benefit from.

1. We added the ability to auto submit the total MRC from the activation screen(s) to the Qpay API.  This helps save a step and its easy to set up.
    Click here to watch Video Tutorial

2. We added the ability to update the rate plan details after the fact from the customer maintenance screen
    Click here to watch Video Tutorial

3.  We updated the “My Performance” box on the main screen with new functionality and data (there will be another update for this tomorrow as this is an initial release)

4. We added the ability to set Station ID and record sales/EOD per station
    Click here to watch Video Tutorial

RTPOS Support Team

Monday, June 29, 2015

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