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These are questions you shouldn't have to deal with as a business owner — after all, why invest on a POS System that creates even more questions and uncertainties? Web based POS systems are solving these problems for many Cellphone Stores and Repair Shops. RTPOS is designed for the wireless retail industry using a Tier 1 Data center with 100% power SLA and 100% Fiber Optic Network. Using Robust Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise and Windows 2012 R2 Server, RTPOS is built on a robust and stable platform.

Advantages of Web Based Retail Systems

  1. Software features and improvements are continually added and updated automatically. You never deal with software updates, downloads and changes. Someone else takes care of it for you.
  2. Because the solution is web based, you can access your inventory from any internet enabled computer in the world. A computer breaking becomes an incredibly minor problem.
  3. What happens if your computer crashes and it cannot be fixed? With a web based POS your information is continuously saved to a remote location that can be recovered even if your actual computer cannot be.

Do You Have a Dedicated Retail IT Department?

Probably not! What small business can afford dedicating employees solely to managing their computers?
When something goes wrong with your system, how long can you afford for your business to be “down”? How long will it take to explain your problem via telephone or e-mail and to be walked through the steps? How long will it take for an IT professional to arrive to fix your POS System?

That's one of the beauties of a web based point of sale – experts can log into your system and fix the problem for you. This alleviates many of the support problems inherent of typical desktop software-based point of sale systems.

RTPOS is the industry leading customizable real-time Retail ERP platform in North America for wireless stores, customizable Point of Sale Systems, Warehouse Management, Track all your Activation,Topup, Refills and Cell Phone Repair Tracking.  RTPOS cover a lifetime of capacity growth and supports single corporate entities with single or multiple retail locations, or multiple distributed corporate entities with multiple retail locations. Fully implemented, RTPOS integrates, consolidates and coordinates all the resources, information and activities needed to perform, storefront-to-back-office wireless retailer specific daily business processes. We do all the heavy lifting, keeping your business up to date with the latest products, services & trend. Our hassle free All-In-One Solutions makes it easy to own a RealTime POS System. Bring your business to life online, increase your online & instore visibilty with the local phone store.

So What's The Bottom Line?

While Cellphone Stores and Repair Shops seeking POS Systems are typically looking for customized hardware and traditional software bundles, small and medium sized businesses “in the know” prefer web based POS solutions for their flexibility, affordability and overall ability to deliver great results with premium service.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

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