Dear Customers,

Some important updates today…
Just wanted to announce that we now have added the option of dual-Epay accounts for those who require dual licenses (for example one for T-Mobile/Metro other for Boost Mobile).  One of a kind Repair Module with all the gadgets require to run a complete cell phone repair shop.

POS Revisions 10.3.1124 07/10/2015

·  Epay / Total Re-up:

   - Revised Epay Integration (it brings data back to the POS now)
   - Added dual-Epay account functionality
   - Added per-user credential capability for Epay
   - Added per-user credential capability for Total Re-up

     Click here to watch Video Tutorial  

  Modified buyback function

·  Revised & Re-launched Repair Module 

As you know, we like to take your feed back and try to incorporate it into making enhancements to our system.

RTPOS Support Team

Friday, July 10, 2015

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