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Important Tutorial Video Updated today…

- Added ability to auto adjust/remove missing serialized inventory from Blind Audit

                -When user clicks on View Serial Audit Log and views each log, user will be able to see new button "Adjust Missing"

                -User has the ability to check all/ uncheck all and adjust the missing serials from the log accordingly

                -Added ability so user will receive an SMS notification from POS when automatic inventory adjustment takes place


- Added Serial status on the Missing Report.  When viewing the Missing Serials from the Log, the system will denote the Adjust status on each serial in the event a user corrects and adjusts their inventory.

- Added new report: Serial Number Adjusted Report.  This will report on all the serial numbers that were adjusted

- Added Filter criteria to Serialized Item Setup, under the Serial Numbers tab to allow user to view:

                -Serial numbers in stock

                -Sold Serials

                -Serial in RMA status

                -Serials in Adjusted Status

                -Expanded the data grid and added extra columns and horizontal scrollbar to allow user to see the RMA status, RMA date, Adjusted Status, Adjusted User and Adjusted Date


- Modified Manual inventory receipt to allow user to re-receive serial numbers back to inventory from adjusted status

- Added Invoice Total + MRC on the invoice screen which helps some POS users to know the Total to collect prior to activating a phone and burning an ESN/Serial in the event the customer does not have the full amount or their CC declines, before adding the Payment to the invoice.


BDI Reports:

                Activation menu

- Activation vs. Bill Payment:  Allows user to see all the activations performed in POS with the MRC Selected and then compares to the Bill Payment SKU taken on the same invoice from Qpay.  This helps the store compare what the user is selected on MRC vs. what they really collected and performed payment.  Ensures the user is taking payment and they are paying what they are selecting.

- Mexico Unlimited Calling:  MPCS is running a Promo and offering Free Unlimited calling to Mexico.  Stores can see how many Activations by store for date range.


                Employee Report

- Employee Ranking By Box Report:  Allows user to see a ranking of all the employees for their box sales across all their stores.  This is very useful with multiple location owners.


                Inventory Report

- Inventory Audit Log:  Allows the user to see the Inventory Blind Audit on the BDI and drill down to see missing and unmatched report.


                EOD / Invoices

- EOD by Store:  Added Financed per store record

Screen shots of RT POS (video coming shortly):

As you know, we like to take your feed back and try to incorporate it into making enhancements to our system.

RTPOS Support Team

Auto Adjusting Inventory:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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