Dear Customers,

Just wanted to announce that we have new updates today…
We have implemented new features and updates to the POS, as requested by many customers.

-EPay Integration: Enabled ePay integration to use the taxable and/or PP Tax settings for the item settings

-Credit Card Integration: When checking out and using Credit Card integration Swipe, enabled the cursor to automatically get focused on the credit card number for faster checkout

-Invoice Saving: Revised invoice screen for better error handling when saving an invoice for the SQL connection method if the internet connection drops

-Main screen: Revised main screen module to allow for better SQL connection method to eliminated connection errors when internet drops

-Currency: Changed Currency symbol from $ to R (Rand) for South Africa customer throughout the entire POS.

-Calidus: Added the ability to download consolidated (qualified/rebate/disqualified) Calidus™  report from master dealer portal who use EzLogic's ERP/Portal

- InComm/Qpay - BCR: Revised main page Incomm/Qpay integration and modified the BCR Rule (Billing Cycle Reset) for suspended account during a Service Payment with Qpay API

As you know, we like to take your feed back and try to incorporate it into making enhancements to our system.

RTPOS Support Team

Friday, September 4, 2015

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