Dear Customers,

Theres a lot of confusion with “add a line” and port-in right now.  Here’s the 411:

When you are selling a new activation, if you check the box that says “add a line” the system will look on the price schedule for an add a line price.  If there isn’t one or it is set to 0.00, the system will return a value of 0.00 and not probably charge tax (its actually returning a value of “null”).  For stores that do not use the price schedule, do not check the box.  We are working on defaulting it back to the normal new price if no value exists.  If your location has intentionally put 0.00 on the price schedule, the system will still return null.  Put 0.01 on the invoice with a minimum of 0.00 and it will charge correctly.  You will be able to adjust price to 0.00 when you are selling.  This video should help:  How to “Add a Line” and Port-In (1 min 38 sec)

 Support Team

Friday, May 29, 2015

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