Dear Customers,

Some important updates today…

POS Revisions 10.3.1161 10/08/2015

• Added ability to receive Accessory/Tangible inventory using an excel sheet

                • User has ability to selet an excel file with the following columns:




                • User can see a sample of the excel sheet by clicking on a link on the form

                • If Item does NOT exist in the system, the user MUST create the item first in inventory setup.


• Added ability to Generate Serial Number Labels (Using Zebra printer H2" W3") under Generate Barcode Menu

                • User can Select a serialized item

                • Has the ability to check all serials or uncheck all

                • Has the ability to select individual serial numbers to print


• Added "Print Barcode" to Serial Number detail to allow user to print Individual Serial Number label using the Zebra Printer dimension

• Disabled the close icon on the invoice form (top right hand corner of the form) to prevent the user from closing a form accidentally while in the invoice screen


From the version before, I am not sure if I mentioned this:

              • The Customer' company name now prints on the invoices

              • Phone Activation Type now prints on the voice

              • Phone Activation Type now shows on the Invoice Listing and Invoice Detail

As you know, we like to take your feed back and try to incorporate it into making enhancements to our system.

RTPOS Support Team

Thursday, October 8, 2015

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