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We are excited to inform you of the new POS update released today with the following powerful features:

  •  Qpay End-Of-Day Reconciliation

This new powerful feature allows you to import  the Detailed report from Qpay, including the Master Dealer Report and import it to POS. 

RT POS will instantly import the file and instantly reconcile it vs your Payment invoices in RT POS.

If you download the Master Report, you must have your Branch IDs entered for all your stores under the Qpay/ASAP Integrations menu in order to allow POS to map the Branch ID to the Store ID.

    • Added the ability to allow you to import the Qpay End Of Day report and have the POS automatically reconcile Qpay vs. POS
    • Automatically converts Branch ID to Store ID to allow you to reconcile across all your doors using one master file
    • Automatically detects transaction dates from Qpay file and pull RT POS Invoice Records for same date range
    • Instantly locate missing payments in Qpay or in POS
    • View total variance per payment
    • Print a detailed report for all missing or variance payments


                This feature is found under the following places:

  •  EOD Report toolbar button (sub-menu) -> Reconcile Qpay Report


  •  Callidus/Com menu -> Qpay Reconciliation

  • Activation Sales Audit

Added a new module to RT POS as a Sub-Menu of Invoice Listing.  This new feature will help you view, audit, and reconcile your activations for any date range, for any of your stores.  It allows you to see Activation details, selling price, and Plan information selected to help you spot any issues

    •  Ability to select and audit any store with date ranges
    •  Display Activation records: Activation Type, Device Information, Invoice Number, Sale Price, and if the device was ported
    •  Ability to see MRC  plan selections to ensure employees are entering correct and valid information
    •  Ability to drill down to invoice record and display the invoice detail related to the activation

  • Extended the SMS Recipient to 6 numbers

Under POS SMS configuration, we extended the number of Recipients to 6 instead of 4. 

  •  Misc changes:
  •  Fixed a bug in Inventory Transfer form when user enters a lengthy note/remark in the remark field, which was causing Truncation issue.
  •  Made Callidus as a Sub-Menu and removed old legacy Qualified and Disqualified.  As they are no longer used and replaced with the Consolidated Report
  •  Added Callidus Icon to Callidus Report and the MetroPCS M logo to the Callidus/MetroCom Imports
  •  Fixed a bug in Repair Screen when user enters a lengthy note/remark in the remark field, which was causing Truncation issue.

As you know, we like to take your feed back and try to incorporate it into making enhancements to our system.

RTPOS Support Team

Monday, October 12, 2015

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