Dear Customers,

Just wanted to announce that we have new updates today…
We have implemented a new feature and a video tutorial in RTPOS:

POS Revisions 10.3.1142 11/09/2015

  • Qpay API Main Page:
    • Added Customer's full address on the Result screen which in turn will transfer the full address to the Invoice Screen upon clicking process
    • Added the Customer's Phone Model they have on file and displayed it under the Customer's IMEI
    • Certain markets might see a MetroPCS/Incomm Message about T-Mobile Conversion when doing Bill Payment on the main page of the POS using the Qpay API


  • Qpay/ASAP Setup Screen:
    • Added a new field to allow the store to configure the Upgrade SKU/Item which in turn will be added automatically to the invoice when user is performing an Upgrade Activation using the new Activation Wizard (see below)


  • Invoice Screen:
    • During an invoice, The Account# field will now search for an Account# or a Phone# for the customer
    • Moved Customer's name to the left under Account number and Added the word: 'Customer Name:'
    • Introduced a New MetroPCS Activation Wizard on the invoice screen
      • New Graphical interface to help with Activations on the invoice screen that gives the user the option to select the Type of Activation they are performin
      • New Activation:
        • Simplified the activation screen and better aligned the texts and fields
      •  Port-In: When making a Port-In, the POS will now ask the user if the Customer is coming from T-Mobile or its affiliate. 
        • If Yes: POS will NOT pull Port-In promotional prices and will rather pull prices from the New Activation
        • If NO: POS will treat the activation for Port-In as a Promotional Port and will pull prices from the Schedule under the Port-In prices
        • Simplified the activation screen and better aligned the texts and fields
      •  Upgrade: When performing an upgrade activation
        • System will ask the user if they checked on ASAP to ensure customer is Eligible for Upgrade or not.
        • Upgrade screen will ONLY contain the Upgrade Rateplan
        • Added the Upgrade Fee automatically on the screen, which in turn will automatically be Added to the invoice. (SKU Must be configured under the Qpay/ASAP setup screen)
      •  Add/Line:
        • Simplified the activation screen and better aligned the texts and fields
      • SOR/Sold-Out-Right:
        • Simplified the activation screen and better aligned the texts and fields
        • Asks for customer's MDN and a Reference (if any) only.
        • Removed all rate plan information
        • Linked the Upgrade Fee to the SOR fee.  If you do not want the Upgrade Fee added to the invoice, you have the choice to remove it from the invoice after its been added.
      • Line-Only/BYOD/Reactivation:
        • Simplified the BOYD/Line-Only process by asking for:
          • Customer's own IMEI/MEID/ESN
          • Customer's phone model
          • User has the ability to select: New Activation, Add-A-Line or Reactivation


  • Vendor/ Purchase Order Module:
    • Added Ability to Replicate Vendors to other linked stores
    • Introduced Purchase Order Module:
      • Ability to create new Purchase Orders for any linked store.
      • Ability to Modify purchase order after its been save.
      • Ability to see Order Listing by status:
        • Open Orders
        • Pending Orders
        • Complete Orders
        • Voided Orders
      • Ability to receive inventory against a purchase order from the Vendor Menu.
    • Added On-Order field under the Item setup with Drill Down Data.Added On-Order field under the Price Check tool which lets you see the On-Order for all Linked Stores for the currently logged in user.
      • Under Serialized Items (Phones)
      • Under Tangible Items (Accessories)
    • Ability to Print/Email purchase Order.





  • Repair Menu
    • Added Ability to replicate Repair Problem List to linked stores.


  • Misc Changes:
    • Added Enhanced flow when performing a Credit Card transactions using Swipe or Ingenico during the Invoice Saving Process.Resized ASAP form to accommodate lower resolution monitors
      • If the Invoice Saving did not go thru due to a Response from Qpay (during bill payment), or Internect Connection issue, the Credit Card swipe will auto-void if it was already swiped.
    • Modified ePay browser form to use the latest IE installed on the user's machine.

This featue are available in today's update. As you know, we like to take your feed back and try to incorporate it into making enhancements to our system.

RTPOS Support Team

Monday, November 9, 2015

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