Dear Customers,

Some important updates today… 

POS Revisions 10.3.1101 06/01/2015

·  Revised Credit Card integration

-Fixed CC Swipe that was causing swipe to say CC expired for certain keyboard swipers


·  Revised Add-a-line module

-Fixed Add-A-Line to pull New Activation Price if Add-A-Line is not set up for an item in Price Schedule

·  Revised Qpay APi from main screen to cross-check customers in local database

-Making a Qpay payment from the main page of the POS (API) will check if customer is duplicate and will bring up the duplicate customer screen to allow user to select from the matching existing customers

·  Revised Qpay API void functionality

-Voiding a Qpay payment thru the API is now integrated in the POS Invoice screen.  Now Qpay will be added  to the invoice as UnProcessed, and when the user checks out, it will process the qpay payment void/cancellation and will be a refund/return in the pos. 

RTPOS Support Team

Monday, June 1, 2015

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