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POS Revisions 10.4.1167 1/30/2017
Revised Invoice Display Revised Package Module Revised Sales category Summary Report Revised...
POS Revisions 10.4.1166 1/23/2017
Revised Activation Wizard & prompts for changes to Metro AAL promos Added Package Module
POS Revisions 10.4.1163 1/14/2017
Added Finance Return Policy Option Revised Tangible Audit form
POS Revisions 10.4.1162 1/13/2017
Revised EOD module Added Import function for CSAT/NGA under Super Admin Menu
POS Revisions 10.4.1161 1/11/2017
Revised EOD module/printout Revised Qpay API Revised POS Invoice Void Module
POS Revisions 10.4.1159 1/5/2017
Revised Coupon Module Revised Qpay Reconcilliation Module Revised Chromium Integration...
POS Revisions 10.4.1158 1/4/2017
Beta realease of ASAP Chrome support
POS Revisions 10.4.1157 1/2/2017
Revised scanning a standalone SIM to now prompt for BYOD module
POS Revisions 10.4.1156 12/27/2016
Revised Multi-Shift module Revised NAB integration
POS Revisions 10.4.1155 12/26/2016
Revised Coupon Module Revised item number creation filtering Revised & improved...
POS Revisions 10.4.1153 12/6/2016
Revised verbiage for Metro Promos Revised Qpay API Revised Schedule Module
POS Revisions 10.4.1151 12/1/2016
Revised Wholesale Invoice Revised Precollect
POS Revisions 10.4.1150 11/30/2016
Added verbiage for Metro Reactivation Added comment box on manual serial adjustment
POS Revisions 10.4.1149 11/21/2016
Revmoved Verbiage for Metro 1/2 off on AAL Promo mdule
POS Revisions 10.4.1147 11/19/2016
Revised Verbiage for Metro Black Friday up to $60 off promo
POS Revisions 10.4.1146 11/17/2016
Added support for Metro Black Friday 1/2 off promo
POS Revisions 10.4.1145 11/15/2016
Added support for Metro plan download Revised Financed Invoice sale process
POS Revisions 10.4.1144 11/14/2016
Added Metro promo quiz Added replicate button for Inventory Configuration
POS Revisions 10.4.1143 11/11/2016
Revised Tangible Audits Revised Upgrade sku requirements
POS Revisions 10.4.1142 11/9/2016
Revised Qpay API Revised Customer Balance Report
POS Revisions 10.4.1141 11/8/2016
Added Alphacomm integration Added Replicate button to Qpay Integration Setup module Revised...
POS Revisions 10.4.1140 11/6/2016
Added support forcing a promo fee onto individual rate plans Added Adjust Serial module to...
POS Revisions 10.4.1139 11/1/2016
Added support for Metro Q4 POGO promo Revised Super Admin module
POS Revisions 10.4.1137 10/25/2016
Added "Invoice Message" flag Revised cost on inventory receipt Revised Transfer Listing to...
POS Revisions 10.4.1135 10/19/2016
Revised Metro Add-a-line trigger
POS Revisions 10.4.1133 10/12/2016
Revised ePay integration Revised Demo status reporting Revised Transfer Listing Revised Cash...
POS Revisions 10.4.1132 10/10/2016
Added expected commission to the Detailed Sales Report Added ability to mark devices as "on...
POS Revisions 10.4.1131 9/29/2016
Added print log to NAB CC log
POS Revisions 10.4.1124 8/31/2016
Added "Total Deposit" box on EOD report Added force activation fee for Boost
POS Revisions 10.4.1118 8/15/2016
Revised Serialized setup Revised Price Schedule Module
POS Revisions 10.4.1115 8/8/2016
Revised Qpay Integration Revised Financed settings
POS Revisions 10.4.1112 7/28/2016
Revised Mass Inventory Update Added filtered reporting for Smartpay vs Progressive
POS Revisions 10.4.1111 7/27/2016
Added seperation for Smartpay vs Progressive payments Revised Refund procedure for iPhones...
POS Revisions 10.4.1110 7/25/2016
Revised Invoice Disclaimers (Return Policy) to differentiate between items of different types...
POS Revisions 10.4.1107 7/18/2016
Added Metro ASAP/Boost shortcuts on main screenRevised ASAP 2.0 Integration Enabled ability to...
POS Revisions 10.4.1106 7/15/2016
Modified Activation screen for Metro iPhones Modified BYOD for Metro to restrict IMEI length...
POS Revisions 10.4.1102 7/5/2016
Added Buyback 2.0 Revisions
POS Revisions 10.4.1101 6/30/2016
Added Indirect Inventory Transfer 1.0 (video on new video site)
POS Revisions 10.4.1099 6/16/2016
Revised Video Training Site inside POS (direct YouTube links are still valid for now) Added...
POS Revisions 10.4.1096 6/10/2016
Revised Qpay/Incomm Integration Setup Revised ASAP Integration Setup Revised invoice printing...
POS Revisions 10.4.1091 5/23/2016
Revised Upload from Drop Ship module Revised Invoice Listing module
POS Revisions 10.4.1084 5/2/2016
Revised Coupon module Revised Locked Store ID box
POS Revisions 10.4.1075 4/6/2016
Revised non-serial audit Revised Asap integration regarding SIM card scanning (see FAQ page)
POS Revisions 10.4.1070 3/31/2016
Added Store ID lock on home screen Revised Qpay integration
POS Revisions 10.4.1067 3/28/2016
Added new Tangible (Accessory) Audit Module Revised NAB integration
POS Revisions 10.4.1066 3/18/2016
Added new permission for View Audit Log Revised Qpay/Incomm API from main screen
POS Revisions 10.4.1064 3/7/2016
Added Clock-Out reason to the Time Clock module Revised Reactivation Type
POS Revisions 10.4.1063 3/2/2016
Revised Transfer Module Revised System Setup Menu Introduced Security Role assignment Added...
POS Revisions 10.4.1061 2/22/2016
Revised XBM Module Revised Callidus Module Revised Printer Setup Revised QPAY API handling...
POS Revisions 10.4.1060 2/16/2016
Added Office365 eMail support Revised XBM Module Revised Qpay from main screen Revised...
POS Revisions 10.4.1048 1/29/2016
Revised CC Integration Revised Qpay API Integration Added SIM sales in "My Performance"...
POS Revisions 10.4.1047 1/20/2016
Added Price Schedule Global Date Change Added Add-A-Line filter for Metro
POS Revisions 10.4.1045 1/19/2016
Added Mass PO Module for multi-store Revised Feature Payment for Qpay Added Employee Profile...
POS Revisions 10.4.1044 1/15/2016
Revised Financed Reconciliation Module Revised Rate Plan visibility for Reactivations Revised...
POS Revisions 10.4.1040 1/11/2016
Added Reactivation as an option on rate plan setup Added time clock modification log to see...
POS Revisions 10.4.1039 1/6/2016
Revised refund module regarding Qpay transactions Added Credit Card log file module
POS Revisions 10.4.1036 1/4/2016
Revised PO module Revised invoice printing Revised refund module regarding Qpay transactions...
POS Revisions 10.4.1029 12/18/2015
Added Cash Drop module Revised Find Inventory module Re-launched ability to change what day...
POS Revisions 10.4.1028 12/16/2015
Added ability to replicate price schedule Revised CC integration Revised Qpay API from home...
POS Revisions 10.4.1026 12/14/2015
Added employee permission for disabling tax Revised Adjusted reports Revised Adjust...
POS Revisions 10.4.1023 12/4/2015
Revised My Performance module for employees
POS Revisions 10.4.1012 11/20/2015
Revised ASAP download function Revised CC integration with ISC250
POS Revisions 10.4.1010 11/17/2015
Added POS version to home screen Added new employee permissions for the PO Module Added Max...
POS Revisions 10.4.1009 11/16/2015
Revised ASAP module for Metro updates
POS Revisions 10.4.1000 11/9/2015
Revised Qpay API on main page Added ability to force upgrade sku on upgrade transactions...
POS Revisions 10.3.1162 10/19/2015
Added Qpay IMEI display & upgrade checker
POS Revisions 10.3.1160 10/12/2015
Added Qpay reconciliation from master dealer report Added Activation Sales Audit listing...
POS Revisions 10.3.1159 10/08/2015
Added ability to upload accessory order from Excel file Added ability to generate serial...
POS Revisions 10.3.1158 10/05/2015
Added Activation Type on Invoice Receipt, Invoice Listing, Added "Invoice Lookup" button on...
POS Revisions 10.3.1155 09/23/2015
Revised Qpay 5.0 Inventory Management Module
POS Revisions 10.3.1153 09/22/2015
Revised Qpay 5.0 Inventory Management Module
POS Revisions 10.3.1152 09/22/2015
Revised Calidus Module Launched Qpay 5.0 Inventory Management Module Modified Inventory...
POS Revisions 10.3.1150 09/18/2015
Revised Boost integration Revised Inventory Transfer Module
POS Revisions 10.3.1149 09/17/2015
Revised schedule widget on home screen Revised tech screen (repair module) Revised Boost...
POS Revisions 10.3.1148 09/11/2015
Revised ASAP integration Revised Manual Inventory Receipt Revised Upload from Drop Ship...
POS Revisions 10.3.1147 09/07/2015
Added Progressive/ basic integration Added ability to set individual Boost logins...
POS Revisions 10.3.1146 09/04/2015
Revised Epay module Revised CC integration Updated currency settings Revised Calidus...
POS Revisions 10.3.1144 08/25/2015
Revised EOD module Revised transfer module
POS Revisions 10.3.1142 08/17/2015
Revised Coupon module Added "Reset Qpay Connection" for those having issues with the Qpay token
POS Revisions 10.3.1141 08/10/2015
Revised Calidus import/reconcile module Added general commission reconciliation functionality...
POS Revisions 10.3.1140 08/05/2015
Added ability to adjust serialized items based on missing log from a standard (blind) audit...
POS Revisions 10.3.1139 08/03/2015
Added Tmobile activation modules (includes RAP, GoSmart, Univision portals) Revised Repair...
POS Revisions 10.3.1136 07/27/2015
Revised ASAP module Added ability to SMS your employees.
POS Revisions 10.3.1134 07/25/2015
Added support for Qpay 5.0 web Revised Qpay 4.0 web module Revised ASAP module Added Repair...
POS Revisions 10.3.1131 07/21/2015
Added Email module for reports/invoices Added ability to charge a secondary "pp" tax on all...
POS Revisions 10.3.1128 07/15/2015
·  Added Transfer History Report
POS Revisions 10.3.1125 07/11/2015
·  Revised Repair Module
POS Revisions 10.3.1124 07/10/2015
·  Epay / Total Re-up: Revised Epay Integration (it brings data back to the POS now) Added...
POS Revisions 10.3.1121 07/07/2015
·  Revised Auto-Qpay function·  Added Inherent Security option   Click here to watch Video...
POS Revisions 10.3.1119 07/01/2015
Added Standard "Blind" Serialized Audit
POS Revisions 10.3.1118 06/30/2015
Revised Employee Dashboard
POS Revisions 10.3.1116 06/29/2015
·  Revised Employee Dashboard
POS Revisions 10.3.1114 06/26/2015
·  Revised EOD Report  -fixed an issue with petty cash reporting
POS Revisions 10.3.1113 06/26/2015
·  Added Auto submit to Qpay option for MRC  < Video coming soon.·  Added MDN to...
POS Revisions 10.3.1112 06/24/2015
·  Modified "Download to ASAP" module·  Added Multi-Station (Multi Till) module   Click...
POS Revisions 10.3.1111 06/19/2015
·  Modified "Download to ASAP" module -Revised the downloading of MDN
POS Revisions 10.3.1109 06/17/2015
·  Added ability to update cost of items already received after the fact. Click here to watch...
POS Revisions 10.3.1107 06/15/2015
·  Modified "Download to ASAP module" Due to change in source html, module was not properly...
POS Revisions 10.3.1105 06/09/2015
·  Added ability to print multiple receipts by default·  Revised Add-a-line module
POS Revisions 10.3.1104 06/08/2015
·  Revised ASAP integration   ASAP PTN download·  Revised Qpaypayment tracking   Qpay...
POS Revisions 10.3.1101 06/01/2015
·  Revised Credit Card integration -Fixed CC Swipe that was causing swipe to say CC expired...
POS Revisions 10.3.1100 05/29/2015
Added Boost Integration 1.0
POS Revisions 10.3.1095 05/17/2015
Revised Port-in module Revised Credit Card integration Revised holiday list in integrated...
POS Revisions 10.3.1094 05/14/2015
Revised Add-a-line pricing module
POS Revisions 10.3.1092 05/01/2015
Revised Elavon Credit Card integration Added cash-in module
POS Revisions 10.3.1088 04/28/2015
Revised MPCS trade-in tiers
POS Revisions 10.3.1086 04/25/2015
Modified Price schedule & activation wizard for add-a-line pricing
POS Revisions 10.3.1084 04/17/2015
Revised MPCS trade in mosule for upcoming Metro PCS CDMA trade in program
POS Revisions 10.3.1077 03/30/2015
Revised Callidus Reporting
POS Revisions 10.3.1074 03/19/2015
Redesigned Store Information screen Added option to disable Quicksale account Added option...
POS Revisions 10.3.1070 03/04/2015
Added Callidus import 2.0
POS Revisions 10.3.1069 03/03/2015
BCR for Qpay removed pending update Added Callidus import 1.0
POS Revisions 10.3.1068 02/26/2015
Added ability to reconcile transactions marked as "financed payment" with reporting
POS Revisions 10.3.1067 02/25/2015
Added provision for Metro/Cricket trade-in promo
POS Revisions 10.3.1066 02/23/2015
Revised main menus Added Epay link to invoice screen Added Epay setup to system setup menu
POS Revisions 10.3.1065 02/17/2015
Revised blind cashout module Added ability to transfer RMA inventory Added ability to clear...
POS Revisions 10.3.1063 02/09/2015
Revised upgrade eligibility checker into ASAP module, now shows date eligible based on...
POS Revisions 10.3.1062 02/03/2015
Added upgrade eligibility checker into ASAP module Payment count now omits payment fees $3...
POS Revisions 10.3.1061 02/03/2015
Revised ASAP integration Revised home screen widgets, re-added scheduling Revised icons on...
POS Revisions 10.3.1059 02/01/2015
Added Last Activation Date field for upgrades on MetroPCS Revised Transfer function (added T...
POS Revisions 10.3.1056 01/23/2015
Revised Wholesale Customer Module Added Replicate function for Rate Plans
POS Revisions 10.3.1055 01/21/2015
Added new MRC widget to main screen Added scrolling message to invoice screen Updated...
POS Revisions 10.3.1054 01/12/2015
Revised Prepaid Tax function
POS Revisions 10.3.1050 01/05/2015
Added security Updated graphics Revised install/update module for increased speed
POS Revisions 10.3.1047 12/19/2014
Revised Batch SMS function to filter out customers marked as "does not wish to receive SMS"...
POS Revisions 10.3.1040 12/12/2014
Revised ASAP module Import Inventory from Excel added Enhanced Global Serial Search...
POS Revisions 10.3.1026 11/21/2014
Revised coupon module Revised barcode printing module
POS Revisions 10.3.1024 11/19/2014
Added ability to refund discount SKUs
POS Revisions 10.3.1023 11/17/2014
Revised activation and accessory widgets; added "expected" based on quotas set Revised BCR...
POS Revisions 10.3.1021 11/10/2014
Revised activation and accessory widget Added Inruance Widget Added check box in Rate Plan...
POS Revisions 10.3.1020 11/08/2014
Added MRC Summary report by employee Added MRC Summary Chart Revised Price Schedule...
POS Revisions 10.3.1018 11/06/2014
Revised Qpay API Requirement now in available for last 4 digits of credit/debit card when...
POS Revisions 10.3.1017 11/04/2014
RealTime POS re-branded to RTPOS
POS Revisions 10.3.1014 10/28/2014
Updated Coupon functionality Revised Transfer Function Added Qpay bar on main screen...
POS Revisions 10.3.1010 10/17/2014
Updated Coupon functionality Updated Security Key function
POS Revisions 10.3.1009 10/16/2014
Added ability to share rate plan t oall carriers Added ability to remove cash as default...
POS Revisions 10.3.1008 10/15/2014
Added store transfer function
POS Revisions 10.3.1005 10/10/2014
Added Bill Cycle Reset to Qpay API Added fixed bundle pricing feature
POS Revisions 10.3.1003 10/07/2014
Revised Activation Report Introduced coupon feature Revised Qpay 2.0 to wowk with older...
POS Revisions 10.2.1158 10/03/2014
Pushed Qpay 2.0 to first priority with 1.0 fall back. Those having issues, see video HERE
POS Revisions 10.2.1153 09/30/2014
Added X-report on EOD screen Updated config files Added locked EOD notes capability
POS Revisions 10.2.1150 09/22/2014
Updated Qpay function Updated Timeclock function Revised EOD Report function Updated ASAP...
POS Revisions 10.2.1147 09/18/2014
Added store sorting in some reports for linked users
POS Revisions 10.2.1144 09/12/2014
Added Global Serial Serach
POS Revisions 10.2.1139 09/05/2014
Added Broadcast Alert from RTPOS Added Branh ID field to Qpay Setup Updated BillFloat Link...
POS Revisions 10.2.1137 09/04/2014
Added Return To Vendor Function Updated security permissions Updated Inventory Value Report...
POS Revisions 10.2.1126 08/19/2014
Added Prepaid Tax as a flat amount option Added Smartpay link to Invoice screen
POS Revisions 10.2.1123 08/12/2014
Added rate plan details to Cellular Activation Report
POS Revisions 10.2.1122 08/08/2014
Added replicate to other stores function for Price Schedules
POS Revisions 10.2.1121 08/07/2014
Revised Qpay Integration SKU linking Enhanced serial tracking to show cost Enhanced Price...
POS Revisions 10.2.1119 07/31/2014
Added accessory bundling module
POS Revisions 10.2.1118 07/29/2014
Added ability to sreplicate employees to additional locations Improved exchange process for...
POS Revisions 10.2.1113 07/23/2014
Added ability to set default employee commission link by product line, caegory, or...
POS Revisions 10.2.1109 07/16/2014
Added Bill Payment Module for non-Qpay payments Added Bill Payment Listing to Invoice...
POS Revisions 10.2.1098 07/06/2014
Added SMS Notifications function for various POS alerts Improved invoice closure and added...
POS Revisions 10.2.1093 07/02/2014
Added Inventory Audit for Non-Serial Items Added Additional Prepaid Tax feature Updated...
POS Revisions 10.2.1090 06/27/2014
Updated "Replicate SKU" function to now include alternate barcodes/SKUs
POS Revisions 10.2.1089 06/24/2014
Updated Invoice Listing to show customer's name Added Buy-Back (Purchase SKU) on the EOD...
POS Revisions 10.2.1088 06/21/2014
Added link to Progressive Finance on main invoice screen Revised ASAP integration to...
POS Revisions 10.2.1084 06/16/2014
Revised employee permissions related to paying balances Updated wholesale invoicing &...
POS Revisions 10.2.1080 06/13/2014
User can disable tax per item on invoice Added support for Generic/Text Only drivers for...
POS Revisions 10.2.1068 05/28/2014
Added ability for POS to receive inventory automatically from another store that is using...
POS Revisions 10.2.1070 05/31/2014
Added ability to link Accessory/Tangible items to activation screen. Modified activation...
POS Revisions 10.2.1062 05/12/2014
Added ASAP Settings under QPay menu (System Setup Menu->Qpay/ASAP Integration) Split...
POS Revisions 10.2.1060 05/12/2014
Major redesign of the small receipt and cross compatibility with most small pos receipt...
POS Revisions 10.2.1056 05/10/2014
Redesigned main screen inventory icons. Added Store ID on POS Window title bar to help see...
POS Revisions 10.2.1040 04/22/2014
Added ability to Force users to clockin before they use the POS (Located under the User Setup...
POS Revisions 10.2.1038 04/17/2014
Ability to change/rename an Item#. Located under the Inventory menu Account blance will now...
POS Revisions 10.2.1036 04/15/2014
Added Rateplan commission setup screen under System Setup Menu Added Active checkbox to...
POS Revisions 10.2.1033 03/26/2014
Added Commission tab functionality under customer screen. This allows user/owner, with...
POS Revisions 10.2.1030 03/26/2014
You can now perform Buy-Back on the invoice screen for the POS. Buy-Back is used when you...
POS Revisions 10.2.1024 03/19/2014
Modifed QPay integration to work seamlessly with *123 to put the proper amount on the invoice...
POS Revisions 10.2.1022 03/18/2014
Enabled Disabled SKU checkbox on the item maintenace screen for serialized inventory....
POS Revisions 10.2.1018 03/15/2014
Added barcode field to Non-Serialized item (Accessory) screen. You can assign additional...
POS Revisions 10.2.1016 03/14/2014
Enabled Tax Exempt feature to exempt customers from sales tax. Custmer must be created using...
POS Revisions 10.2.1015 03/14/2014
Modified invoice receipt to reflect correct term when doing refund/payment on invoice....
POS Revisions 10.2.1012 03/11/2014
Disabled user from clicking "Invoice" on customer screen if the account is -NEW- and unsaved....
POS Revisions 10.2.1011 03/11/2014
Fixed an isolated issue in the vendor screen, changing the vendor length to 10 so it will not...
POS Revisions 10.2.1008 03/10/2014
Fixed a minor error in Activaiton form when clicking during an activation process. This error...
POS Revisions 10.2.1006 03/08/2014
Added ability to change Emp ID on invoice after it was saved and completed. This is found...
POS Revisions 10.2.1005 03/07/2014
Moved receipt policy and invoice total at the bottom of the big receipt print out to make it...
POS Revisions 10.2.1002 03/03/2014
Added invoice field to search by on Invoice listing. You can enter partial invoice number and...
POS Revisions 10.2.1000 03/03/2014
Changed grid record highlighted row's color from orange to neutral gray. Easier on the eyes....
POS Revisions 10.1.9 03/01/2014
Modified invoice screen to prevent user from performing a transaction to wholesale account...
POS Revisions 10.1.8 02/28/2014
Fixed a small isolated issue in Payroll report message complaining about "Invalid data type"....
POS Revisions 10.1.6 02/26/2014
Added Postpaid field to Product line setup. This is for designating that a carrier is a Post...
POS Revisions 10.1.3 02/24/2014
Added ability to print payment receipt. When paying toward open invoices, system will now let...
POS Revisions 10.1.1 02/21/2014
Added Employee Payroll Report to "Report->Employee Report", which gives you a total hours...
POS Revisions 10.0.99 02/19/2014
Fixed a bug when creating a new item, the category & subclass where not saving correctly....
POS Revisions 10.0.98 02/18/2014
Added Sort capabilites on Invoice Listing form. Added small icon on the grid header for the...
POS Revisions 10.0.96 02/17/2014
Added Navigation (Previous/Next) button on item maintenance screen. Added "Today" button on...