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Export your contacts directly from your RTPOS and launch your RTmail e-Marketing Solution. Deploy newsletter signup forms anywhere! Including your Website and Facebook.


Create beautiful, clean email templates straight from your RTPOS. Our native integration fits seamlessly inside your RTPOS to enable richer team collaboration.


You can even schedule eCampaigns to be sent at a specific date and time. Reach more contacts, bypass sending limits, and achieve more results.


RTmail includes behavioral targeting, workflow automation, landing pages, and intuitive reporting in a single platform. Watch in real time as your customers read your email, click links and much more!

How does RTMAIL Work on your RTPOS?

RTMAIL module is integrated within your RTPOS store. All you need to do is upload your customers list from your RTPOS with the easy to use integration or export your subscribers from your Website. Then use our easy drag and drop email designer to create your first marketing campaign or newsletter.

When you are ready, hit the "Send" Button and watch in real time as your email gets opened, links clicked, and more!

RTMAIL integration within the RTPOS has made scalable to serve the needs of all-volume senders (Cellphone Dealers / Master Agents / Distributors), professional marketers, promotions and businesses news to email. RTPOS customers will get real results through campaigns, email newsletters, surveys, events, Facebook promotions, online listings, and more. RTMAIL easy-to-use integration ensures that every customer has what they need, whenever they need it, to succeed.
RTMAIL powerful tools allow you to easily segment email lists and tailor messaging to the right customers. Plus, automatically update unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive lists. With the RTMAIL integration within your RTPOS you will be able to create mailing list for your new customers, existing customers, promotional ads for customers that qualify for upgrades, and even extend your customer appreciation by sending them Birthday Cards or Holiday Cards on special occasions. Real-time reporting means you can track your success and know exactly who's opening your emails, when it happens, where they are clicking and how to plan your next move. RTMAIL makes it easy to promote your message on social networks as well. RTMAIL is available 7 days a week, our team is ready to guide you through the industry's most robust tools and functionality.
Once you select your plan and become an RTMAIL customer, you will have full access to the infrastructures and easy to use tools to create your eMarketing campaign and news letter. To activate your RTMAIL - eMail Marketing Solution integration on your RTPOS Store, click on the link below and select a plan of your choice (remember to provide your RTPOS Store ID), so your API integration within your RTPOS can be properly activated. You will be up and running at no time. REGISTER NOW
If you’ve come to RTPOS | RTMAIL - eMail Marketing Solution looking for someone to have your back, you’re in the right place. If there’s anything our customers love more than our eMail Marketing Solution, it’s our customer service and support team. Any company can provide software; RTMAIL is in the email results business because providing customers with exceptional service from day one never gets old for us. So if you’re just getting started, looking for RTPOS | RTMAIL latest resources, or interested in our API Integration, everything you need is just a call or click away.

A Healthy Customer List

It’s all about your customer data base or subscriber list. Access list management tools that lets you efficiently add new contacts the right way: from your RTPOS customer data base or a sign-up form on your website or Facebook page to various easy ways to import subscriber lists. Enjoy the ease of bounce-back handling and automatic subscription management. Plus, the easy to use integration tool directly from your RTPOS to easily import your customer data base.

Pre-Design Marketing / News Letter Templates

Whatever your business needs, RTMAIL has hundreds of email templates just waiting to be filled with your text, ideas and brand colors. Each template is designed to make your message pop and to be mobile-friendly, with no HTML coding know-how required. Show off your artistic side with our easy to use solution and drag-and-drop your way to custom messages. Start promoting and marketing your business today! REGISTER NOW

Your Personal Touch

An email address is very personal. Learn more about your customers / contacts by surveying their preferences at sign-up. To build a repport, use personalization to tailor each customer message, or even schedule a series of custom messages to be received over time. We call these auto-responders; you can call it amazing.

Confident Sending

When you work hard on a message, you want it reach the inbox. That’s why email sent through RTMAIL doesn’t take detours! Your messages doesn't fall into spam traps or earn you a spot on Internet service provider blacklists. We get your email through when other service providers can’t. For additional confidence, we provide tracking data for your messages, so you can see our great email delivery in action. REGISTER NOW

Clear Reporting

Tracking your messages in real-time shouldn’t be a chore. Our tools make understanding your vital stats simple so you’ll have the data you need to create messages that sell. From big picture tracking, to keeping an eye on just one individual’s click behavior, our reports can give you insight into how well your messages are performing.

Timing is critical for our business to succeed, and RTPOS has allowed us to target and automate our processes, extending our reach and elevating our brand by integrating RTMail. We can now export our contacts directly to our campaign and produce high inbox deliverability. We view RTPOS & RTMail as a business partner, as opposed to a vendor – they continue to be a crucial element for our success. Thank You

Robin Furton , MetroPCS Dealer

With the introduction of RTMail - eMail Marketing, it has provided an invaluable and easy-to-use solution, allowing us to test various aspects of a campaign and leverage the results for maximum success. We’re excited to continue using RTPOS and its new integration "RTMail" to better improve communication with our customers to drive both conversions and sales.

Pete Rand , Boost Mobile Dealer

We’re not experts in managing large email campaigns, so we looked to outsource professionals. But since the launching of RTMail, there is no need to outsource. We've created our own campaigns and have seen our delivery rates dramatically increase percent. Additionally, we value RTMail real-time reporting capabilities, ease of use and support. Thank you RTPOS for adding such a fantastic feature into the POS system. Keep up a good work :)

Jaymie Kosiba, T-Mobile Dealer

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