RealTime POS Screenshots

RTPOS System is designed for the Wireless Retailers fully featured, scalable, cloud-based Retail Management System that provides wireless retailers, master dealers, vendors and carriers with 360 degree visibility to maximize profitability. RTPOS System is highly customizable and is taylor-built to your company's needs. Allow us to develop your application for you to help you manage your business better. RTPOS System uses a Tier 1 Data center with 100% power SLA and 100% Fiber Optic Network. Using Robust Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise and Windows 2012 R2 Server, RT POS is built on a robust and stable platform.

Powerful Tools Qpay / Epay / SmartPay / ASAP / Total ReUP / Phone Repair

RealTime POS is fully integrated with carrier activation / payment portals and key industry vendors that support your business. Accepting and creating phone repair tickets is now a walk in the park. Seamless transactions that capture all relevant data all-in-one system, saves your sales team time and improves overall efficiency.

Realtime Reporting SKUs / Employees / Rateplans / Commissions / Price Structures

With RealTime POS Reporting, retailers can manage and track KPIs across any web capable device. Reports can be enhanced and configured to your individual business needs. Administrator with multi-stores can even use our BDI (Business Dashboard Intelligence) platform. Learn more about BDI...

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MetroPCS ASAP Qpay / incomm API Integration

Activate, accept payments & view customers account. Completely integrated with RealTime POS its easy to use - no technical skills required.

MetroPCS ASAP MetroPCS Activation Screen

Integrated MetroPCS Activation Wizards, Price schedule. Easily Track New Activations, Port-In and Add-A-Line.

MetroPCS Calidus Report Consolidate Reports

Qualified & Disqualified, Spiffs & Commissions, Rebates & Price Protection, Expected Commissions, Price Schedule, Audits, Unpaid & Variance Reports.

Qpay 5.0 Inventory Dedicated Inventory Management

Uploads MPCS Handsets Only! On Auto Download from Portal, with Dropship File Integration, Integrated on Inner-Store Transfer, Accurate Transfer with Branch ID Capture. NO need to Import/Export

Epay Integration Epay Payment Integration

Accept payments & view customers account. Completely integrated with RealTime POS its easy to use - no technical skills required.

Alphacomm Integration Automatic Order Download

Integrated Alphacomm Wizards - Easily and automatically from RTPOS download your Alphacomm order into inventory.

XBM/RMA Integration Broadtech Integration

Create and receive your XBM/RMA directly from your RTPOS. As well as keep track of what is being received. Reconcile vendor RMA's

Streamline Your Business Seamless Integration...

T-Mobile, GoSmart, Univision, Metro, 2 Epay, Qpay, ASAP, Progressive, Alphacomm, SmartPay, CDYNE, RTmail and many more coming soon!

Inventory Management Manage all aspects of your store

With RealTime POS inventory management tools you will be able to Track Store Assets, Exchanges, Returns, Counts Reconciliation, Transfers, RMA, and Stock Auto Replenishment.

Multi-Store Ready Easily sync between your stores

View and access SKUs, Employees, Rateplans, Commission structures, Price Structures, and more.

Realtime SMS Notification Alerts to owners/admins

RTPOS System will alert you for vital processes, such as Voids, Buy-Backs, Refunds, Inventory Adjustments, etc..

Integrated Repair Module Creating Repair Tickets

RTPOS has an Integrated Repair Module to help you track repairs, labor, parts, and customer CRM.

SMS Marketing Send Batch SMS

Connect with your customers, anytime, through SMS targeted marketing campaigns.

Time / Attendance / Commissions Solution Seamless payout to employees

RTPOS System provides the capability to manage schedules Attendance & Commissions solution for seamless payout to employees.

Serialized Item Setup Maintaining Control

With RTPOS System, Inventory Management ensures that you always have the right item in stock in store to maximize the bottom line.

BDI Business Dashboard Intelligence

BDI Reb Reporting. Using our Business Dashboard Intelligence, you can access vital store data in real-time accross your entire network....more

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