Send or receive text messages easily from your website or application with the SMS Notify! API CDYNE SMS Notify!

SMS Notify! is a secure worldwide SMS Gateway that facilitates your business communications with a developer-friendly SMS API. SMS Notify for RTPOS Store, More Interaction - More Business. Text messaging boasts 10X the open rate of email marketing! With this kind of exposure, you're sure to be heard.

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SMS Notify! for RTPOS clients

CDYNE offers any RTPOS clients a $20 sign-up credit

  • Send out up to 1,000 Text Messages for FREE
  • Receive a Local Number and an API Key
  • Set up Appointment Reminders
  • Send Repair Completion Reminders
  • Send Store Promotion Reminders
  • Full access to SMS Notify! API.
  • Starting at 1¢. Contact for bulk pricing (50,000 transactions per month)
  • Tier 1 Live Support: 24/7. 1-800-984-3710
  • Scott Menniti, customer service account representative will be your direct contact at CDYNE and assist you with the set-up process.

Reliable Worldwide Text Messages

Easily integrate responsive SMS feature into your RTPOS store application

About CDYNE Corporation

CDYNE Corporation is a leading provider of Web Service solutions which encompass a wide range of data enhancement, data verification, and communications tools. CDYNE has been developing and marketing Web Services since 1999. CDYNE's first products were developed using XML based languages to ensure cross-platform compatibility which is the essence of true Web Services. CDYNE’s Postal Address Verification and Correction service was developed to solve the need for real-time address data cleansing without the need to have clients buy, store, program and maintain the enormous United States Postal Service database.

CDYNE Corporation’s transaction based billing model was developed with that product to allow clients to buy only what is consumed affording them further savings. CDYNE Corporation continued to develop and release Web Services products such as Email Verification, Phone Verification, and IP2Geo during the following years. This wide range of products allowed the company to expand its client base across numerous industries such as E-Commerce, Sales and Marketing, Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Healthcare, and Banking and Finance.

So, how do you get started? ACTIVATE Live Key Today It’s easy! CDYNE offers any RTPOS clients a $20 sign-up credit.

CDYNE has been featured in articles by Gartner, an information technology research company and in several Web Services tutorial publications by O'Reilly Media, Microsoft and others.

CDYNE Corporation’s principal offices are located in Chesapeake, Virginia. This facility serves as an administrative and redundant server site. CDYNE Web Services are delivered utilizing a customized software and hardware architecture operating in geographically located computing facilities. CDYNE has implemented controls which provide redundancy within all CDYNE systems as well as location fail-over enabling CDYNE to guarantee 24x7 availability.

In 2002 CDYNE released two free Web Services, Credit Card Verifier and a web based Spell Checker. These two services alone are in use by thousands of individuals and companies and have appeared in Microsoft Press and other publications as examples of creative and inspiring uses of Web Services development. CDYNE Corporation added Death Index in 2004 which was a further implementation of the transaction based pricing model for large data storage and enhancement solutions. This product, coupled with Phone Verification and Email Verification also allowed the company to enhance its fraud prevention offerings to its growing client base. CDYNE launched two of its fastest growing Web Services in November 2005 at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC). CDYNE Demographics delivers enhanced census data as a Web Service which can be used by clients to target customers or neighborhoods for their own services and products. CDYNE Phone Notify! , also released at PDC (Microsoft Professional Developer Conference), highlights the company’s Web Services’ evolution. By providing a web based voice communications platform, CDYNE clients and partners have developed systems and application add-ons for scheduling voice reminders, pipeline monitoring alerts and emergency notification systems for schools, industries, and public safety departments.

In 2006, the company released its own web implementation of the CDYNE Phone Notify! Product called which it debuted at the American Staffing Associations annual conference. This website product showcases the flexibility and how feature-rich CDYNE Corporation’s Web Services products are. CDYNE has positioned itself to continue to lead the way on Web Services technologies and bring to market products designed to be a true value add for any client or partner regardless of their business emphasis or their systems infrastructure.

The CDYNE Phone Notify! API is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service designed to enable any business application to send or receive up to 5,000 tier-1 quality phone calls per minute using text to speech, recorded files, or both. CDYNE's Phone Notify! API delivers clear voice messaging over its own network of geographically dispersed server farms. Utilize this powerful dialer system to send:**

The CDYNE difference

CDYNE’s business model revolves around providing enterprise-level XML Web Services and they are committed to reliability and speed in processing your data. Their top priorities are security, maintaining their APIs (see their 100% uptime guarantee) and being the quickest in the API industry. They return clean and appended data in milliseconds rather than seconds – the common return rate for most data quality API providers. CDYNE requires no contracts and no up-front commitment. Therefore, they do not charge start-up, cancellation, or overage fees of any kind.