• + Master Agent ERP Platform
    + RealTime POS System
    Huge and extra ordinary features
    Expand Your Business Model
  • + Integration w/ Master Dealers ERP System
    The Perfect POS for Metro PCS,
    T-Mobile, GoSmart, Univision, Ultra Dealers
  • An All-In-One Solution
    Seamless Integration and Data Transfer
    Loaded With Options, And Is Simply A Joy To Use
    A Perfect Solution for POS - ERP - BDI.

Welcome to RTPOS System Partner Program

RTPOS is a global RealTime POS - ERP - BDI system, designed for the Cellphone Retailers, Master Agents and Distributors in the wireless industry. We're actively searching for Master Agents and Distributors interested in reselling RealTime POS (Point of Sale) system in North America. We have develop the perfect solution for MetroPCS, T-Mobile and Tracfone Master Agents and can fully customize for any multi-carrier Master Agent. Seamless Integrated with activation portals and payment system such as Qpay and Epay.

Reseller's tools to build dealer relation

  • A Point of Sale solution with unparalleled ease-of-use
  • Extensive features developed from client requirements/recommendations
  • Excellent opportunities to add value with professional services
  • Professional marketing services and compelling strategies
  • Sales and implementation training and support
  • Custom modification service (White-Lable available)

We Are Dedicated To Our Customers

We thrive on making RTPOS the most complete and trusted RealTime POS System in the wireless industry


RTPOS is achieving this success by focusing on its core mission; to “Innovate Wireless Retail”. We are driven by this every day, continuously enhancing existing products, developing new products, partnering with other industry leaders and collaborating with our valued customers to deliver the uncompromising efficiency and innovation they’ve come to expect from RTPOS.


It’s about offering you services provided by what we believe are the most professional, experienced and highly regarded companies in the wireless industry, working in tandem with one goal; to provide you with the best, the most complete and most highly-proven solutions for the wireless retail industry today.

We understand that we’re not successful unless our reseller partners are successful. Your success is our success!

Having your own point of sale department for your business requires a lot of time and investment. It takes everything from establishing relationships with distributors, finding the right hardware, negotiating pricing, paying to become licensed with all the different software applications you need, or even developing your own software. These are just a few of the tasks that require extremely large amounts of time and effort in order to offer a quality point of sale solution. Not to mention taking the risk of hiring a capable staff to run things. Wouldn't it be great to have a RealTime point of sale department without the risk of adding on an entire department to your business? At RTPOS we have been doing this for over 10 years and we want to be all of these things for you and more! Let us deal with everything from implementation to support.

RTPOS Reseller Program: Designed for partners who are committed to learning our products and running their own point of sale department for their business. We can provide Resellers with in-depth training classes, access to demo videos, 24/7 support, access to our full line of products and continuing education. We provide a user login to our web based portal for our reseller partners to have quick and easy access to professional video tutorial and knowledgebase page. As a RTPOS reseller partner you will no longer be forced to waste time shopping around and waiting on proposals from different point of sale providers because you will be able to offer your own white-labled RelTime POS system! Follow our simple steps and be on your way to a fully functioning point of sale department for your business!

RTPOS Referral Program: Designed for partners interested in simply passing leads on to RTPOS to generate a fixed commission rate on every successful sale. Many master dealers and distributors choose to refer deals as they are constantly in front of customers that would benefit from a RealTime POS system from RTPOS, but they do not have the time to invest in becoming a full reseller. We will provide you with basic training and give you the essential talking points with which to discuss the value of our RealTime POS systems. This option allows for an easy way to enhance your current product offering by providing your customers a full RealTime POS solution . If you're already interfacing with customers in need of a point of sale every day, why not make some additional income? To become a part of the referral network simply contact us and complete the referral agreement.

The Earnings of the two plans are slightly different:

The Referral Program, you earn a commission based on the total invoice price of the system. It's designed to be simple and straightforward. Depending on the size of the deal, you can expect to earn per lead.

The Reseller Program, is more lucrative because the reseller is performing more of the work. Most resellers like to work with the prospects themselves and maintain that relationship. So, instead of submitting a lead, resellers typically submit an order. Because this saves us time and energy, we're happy to pass along additional savings.

A. Contact Us by filling out this short form. An RTPOS agent will schedule an appointment with you and answer any questions you may have and give you full details of the programs and options.

B. Account Activation: For you to complete our reseller partner / referral agreement form. With this activation complete, you will have access to introductory software training videos, advanced training time with expert technicians, input of your custom logo (available for resellers only) on your customized white-labled RealTime POS system, and discounted reseller pricing becomes automatically available to you. Ready to become an active reseller partner? We are ready for you!

C. Now that you are an Active Reseller Partner with your own white-labled RTPOS - RealTime POS system, it is time to SELL SELL SELL! We are here to help your business succeed!!