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Researching POS systems can be overwhelming, but making the right choice now can save you a ton of time and money later down the road.

RTPOS is the industry leading customizable real-time Retail ERP platform in North America for wireless stores, customizable Point of Sale Systems, Warehouse Management, Track all your Activation,Topup, Refills and Cell Phone Repair Tracking. RTPOS cover a lifetime of capacity growth and supports single corporate entities with single or multiple retail locations, or multiple distributed corporate entities with multiple retail locations. Fully implemented, RTPOS integrates, consolidates and coordinates all the resources, information and activities needed to perform, storefront-to-back-office wireless retailer specific daily business processes. An integrated solution for tracking serialized and non-serialized inventory, the modules offer decision making tools for ordering, fulfillment ease for sales order processing, and metric reporting for sales tracking.

RTPOS System prides itself on meeting the needs of its customers. Through experience, it has developed core products that establish a strong operating platform for any company. Whether using these core products alone, or in tandem with enhancements and customization, or building a customized application all your own, the solution is EZ. Reduce errors and avoid profit losses with automated management of cellular activation tracking. Trace phone activations using electronic serial numbers to properly record commissions, price protection, returns and RMAs, Repair Intake Forms, Labels, Customizable Checklists, and Invoicing. Minimize keystrokes and ease overhead costs with a solution that incorporates all business aspects of your cellular operation. RTPOS System is highly customizable and is taylor-built to your company's needs. Allow us to develop your application for you to help you manage your business better. Register Today, take advantage of the 30 DAY FREE Trial!

RTPOS is designed for the wireless retail industry using a Tier 1 Data center with 100% power SLA and 100% Fiber Optic Network. Using Robust Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise and Windows 2012 R2 Server, RTPOS is built on a robust and stable platform.

Why RealTime POS?

RTPOS is achieving this success by focusing on its core mission; to “Innovate Wireless Retail”. We are driven by this every day, continuously enhancing existing products, developing new products, partnering with other industry leaders and collaborating with our valued customers to deliver the uncompromising efficiency and innovation they’ve come to expect from RTPOS.

RTPOS is a leader in building retail management solutions. With over a decade of proven experience in the wireless industry, we enable our customers to run their businesses effectively with full visibility and control into all aspects of sales and operations.

Our Professional Services Consulting Division will work with you to customize a solution which aligns with your business requirements and utilizes our core platform.

As RTPOS looks to the future customers, partners and prospects have a lot to be excited about. RTPOS is expanding its reach into Europe, South America, Canada, Africa and Asia; delivering product capabilities that are both scalable and multi-lingual but also architected to function in some of the most challenging global markets. Additionally, RTPOS has entered into partnerships with some of the largest companies in telecommunications; helping them deliver considerable benefit, and a better experience to their customers. RT POS facilitates this through product integration, resulting in a tighter customer entanglement and increased revenue for our partners.

Here are some of the highlights that make RT POS the premier choice for wireless retailers, global carriers and wireless master dealers:

RTPOS core competency is integration; tie our product into billing, logistics, ERP or BDI for seamless flow-through of data; make better decisions, respond to business changes faster, improve your retail experience

Real time serialized inventory control and visibility across all branches with easy work-flows for receiving, stock transfer and ordering stock

Single-entry POS transaction reduces transaction times by up to 50% and insures integrity of data

100% success rate on new implementations and integrations

RTPOS staff understand your industry and have a proven and repeatable process for delivering product into the most challenging and often unique wireless retail environments

As a retail operator, you have two primary concerns; profitability, and the opportunity to grow your business. The combination of those two priorities is precisely why RTPOS partners with Best-in-Class companies. It’s a revolutionary partnership that starts with sharing cutting-edge products and services, and ends with you sharing your success story about how you’ve increased your bottom line.

It’s about offering you services provided by what we believe are the most professional, experienced and highly regarded companies in the wireless industry, working in tandem with one goal; to provide you with the best, the most complete and most highly-proven solutions for the wireless retail industry today.

We understand that we’re not successful unless our merchant partners are successful. Your success is our success!


Powerful Tools

Single-entry POS transaction reduces transaction times by up to 50% and insures integrity of data. ASAP & Qpay Integration - Epay & SmartPay Integration - Total ReUP Integration - Cell Phone Repair Integration - Cell Phone Unlocking Integration. ...more

Activation / Payment Integration

Carrier device activation integration ensures accurate and immediate flow of relevant information such as customer, device, wireless plan and add on details, directly to the point of sale, enabling retailers to work in a single, unified environment. The result: decreased activation times, accurate transactions, lower costs, increased productivity and a better overall customer experience....more

Realtime Reporting

Easily sync between your stores, SKUs, employees, Rateplans, Commission structures, Price Structures. Realtime online Reporting & BDI Reporting. Access vital store data in realtime or accross your entire network....more

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